Follow Friday: Chefs/Cooks On TV

It's that time again. We've compiled a small but meaningful list of great Twitter accounts for any Phoenix foodie to follow. We've been spending a sad amount of time indoors this summer running away from the heat and searching out new food inspiration on the boob tube. Everybody is tweeting now, even these TV chefs. We question the authenticity of some of the accounts and wonder why some of them are on twitter since they don't offer anything interesting and new. So, here's a list of pre-approved twitter accounts of those "personalities" we love to watch while we're cooped up indoors with the shades pulled.

Rick Bayless (@Rick_Bayless) Rick Bayless can be seen (or used to be seen) on PBS. It appears from the online schedule at ASU PBS that his tour of Mexico show, Mexico - One Plate at a Time, isn't airing right at the moment -- but Mr. Mexico himself is a frequent and talented twitterer. Does anyone remember when he tweeted throughout the White House State dinner he catered? He's a great example of the power and excitement that can be shared through twitter - and about food. Mark Bittman (@bittman) Mark Bittman is a food writer and is best known for his Minimalist column at the New York Times. He's recently moved to the opinion section and can be seen on the Cooking Channel Show - The Minimalist. You might have also seen him on the (Bittman Takes on America's Chefs, The Best Recipes in the World, and Spain: On the Road Again). He cares about the ethics behind food and is speaking out to create a more sane way of eating - check out his TED talk to find out his philosophy from his own mouth. He shares the latest and greatest in what's working and not working in the world of food.

Christopher Kimball (@cpkimball) Chris Kimball is the man behind America's Test Kitchen empire, and he is the man. With his signature bow tie, he is always researching and sharing tips for us to use while we're in the kitchen and he explains why. Love that. He shares those tips on twitter. Here's one recent tip: "#CooksTip To weigh out a pound of spaghetti, gather a bundle in a cylinder and measure its diameter. A pound measures 1 3/4 inches across." Bet you didn't know that one.

Aida Mollenkamp (@aidamollenkamp)
Aida Mollenkamp was plucked from her job with and given her own show called Ask Aida on The Food Network. Sweet gig - she didn't even have to get put through the mega drama at The Next Food Network Star. She now is over on the new Cooking Channel with a neat show called Food Crafters where she meets the folks behind some of the best food products in the nation. Featured recently was Tucson Tamale Company and their green corn tamales that can be shipped anywhere in the United States. She's like your cool best friend with the insider tip on all the freshest new products, restaurants and tabletop. She shares her tips on her blog as well as twitter.

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