Chef Patrick Boll Departs El Chorro Lodge

After local philanthropist Jacquie Dorrance bought El Chorro Lodge and sank millions of dollars into a gorgeous renovation, the legendary restaurant opened this past February with new operating partners, Tim and Kristy Moore (formerly of Continental Catering), a new executive chef, Charles Kassels, and plenty of hype and hoopla.

But the vast divide between the old guard of customers and a younger generation -- with different expectations of a fine dining experience -- quickly became apparent. Early buzz on the place was disappointing, to say the least. So in June, they hired chef de cuisine Patrick Boll to help turn things around.

As of this past Saturday, though, Boll is no longer in the kitchen. While he'll still work with El Chorro as a consultant (Kassels is still exec), he says he left the gig for a new, full-time opportunity that will allow him a more flexible schedule.

"The time commitment at El Chorro didn't allow me the freedom for time with my son," Boll says.

So, what's next for Boll? His lips are sealed, for now, but details are forthcoming.