Joe's Farm Grill Does Dogs All Month Long

If you've taken a peek outside lately, you know that summer is showing zero signs of going away anytime soon.


Swelter not, fans of fall. To get us through the last big push of the season, Joe's Farm Grill, the converted farm home turned eatery in Gilbert, will be doing gourmet dogs gone delicious all month long.

Featuring all-beef, natural casing franks and baked-fresh buns, ten specialty dogs, including selections like the "Trailer Park" (with Cheez Whiz, onions, relish, and potato chips), the "Carolina" (with pulled pork and coleslaw), and the "Swedish" (with garlic whipped potatoes and lingonberry sauce), allow hot dog fans to find a favorite or try a new creation throughout the month of September.

See photos of all Joe's dogs with descriptions after the jump.

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