Chow Bella

Scallop Sashimi at Bluewater Grill

Leave me alone with my seafood and I'm fine.

Although I dine alone pretty often, just to fill my belly or scout out a new restaurant, sushi bars and seafood restaurants are some of the only places I can count on to feel comfortable when flying solo.

After working late one night, I stopped by the new Bluewater Grill -- located in the former Fish Market space on Camelback -- for some protein.

Yes, I resorted to flash for my photo, which is why the scallops look like some sort of Halloween holdover. But honestly, they were delicious -- sweet raw scallops served on the half-shell, topped with ponzu sauce, seaweed, flying fish row, and a dab of pickled ginger. My waitress was friendly, but wouldn't shut up about how good they were. Meanwhile, I'm patiently nodding my head to make her go away.

Did I house those scallops in about two minutes? Take a guess.