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Whoopie Baking Co. Opens Commercial Kitchen; Next Stop, Biltmore Fashion Park

Looks as if partners Jennifer Brya and Karen Linkins will be making whoopie (sorry) in a couple of new Valley locations this year.

The two started their business, Whoopie Baking Co., in 2010, with a single focus on whoopie pies, those spherical sweet treats that are part cookie and part cupcake. Since then, they've been hitting up farmers markets and various events in the Valley as well as selling their various whoopie creations (think the classic chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream fluff version as well as cherry cordial, salted caramel, and mimosa) online.

Now, Brya and Linkins are moving out of their shared kitchen space in East Mesa and into a new, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen closer to many of their whoopie-wanting customers. Plus, coming soon, a spot at the Biltmore Fashion Park.

Whoopie Baking Co.'s new commercial kitchen is located in the Scottsdale Airpark at 7360 East Acoma Drive. It's not zoned as a retail bakery, but customers can order online and use the new space as a place to pick up their orders.

"This is an epic opportunity for our business as we expand -- it's very exciting," says co-owner Jennifer Brya. "Having a centrally located kitchen allows our customers to pick up their orders direct from the source -- and fresh from the oven."

And this fall, Whoopie Baking Co. will debut its first retail space in kiosk form at the Biltmore Fashion Park.

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