Closed for Business: Toast Breakfast Boutique

​Yesterday was the last day of business for the short-lived Toast Breakfast Boutique.

Our lease was up and it's time for something new," says owner Vine Saccento. "(We're) also very busy with v100modbox (Saccento's prefab housing structures) -- we will be putting them on the lot this month behind the Bentley Projects."

Saccento and co-owner Gina Bell Madrid opened the tiny cafe late last year, shortly after they closed their coffee bar, Drip, next door.

In some ways, Toast was a downsized version of Drip, but the emphasis was breakfast, not lounging and sipping coffee. In fact, due to the extremely limited seating (about 15), Toast even instituted a "no laptops" policy.

Given Saccento and Madrid's involvement in the local food scene (they were partners in The Table, the eatery that preceded Nine 05 and Fate on 5th Street), it seems likely this duo will be feeding us again. Stay tuned.