Phoenix Tequila Festival Goes Down Smoothly

This past Saturday and Sunday, tequila lovers from across the Valley descended on US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix for a day of drinking, dining and debauchery. Actually, there wasn't much debauchery going on. Just a LOT of giggling and slurred words. Guests were relatively calm as they strolled around the Phoenix Tequila Fest, taking sips of blanco, anejo and reposado tequilas.

It was the first year for this event, so the vendor turnout was pretty small -- just a dozen or so tequila makers, two food booths and sellers of related products like cigars and cookware. Which was probably a good thing, considering once you paid your $35 to get in the door it was all-you-can-drink. You might imagine how fifty tequila booths offering free shots could mean more trouble.

We sent two dedicated bloggers -- one to sample the products and another to record the events of the day while staying sober.