Celebrate World Vegan Day With a Light Rail Potluck


Sometimes being a vegan in Phoenix can get pretty lonely, but on November 1, animal product-free Phoenicians will gather at the Spectrum Mall light rail station to celebrate World Vegan Day with a potluck full of vegan goodies.

If you're interested, hop on the train at 19th Ave. and Montebello and bring a vegan dish and utensils. Participants are also encouraged to bring literature to hand out to other riders.

The ride lasts for about an hour-and-a-half and ends in Mesa. Organizer John Greentree says while part of his aim in the event is to encourage the public to participate in the community and use their resources, such as the light rail, he also hopes people enjoy the food and see what being vegan is all about.

"It's a way of being social and interactive and defying what has been pre-cut for us," Greentree says. "Normally when you hear, 'Let's have a potluck,' it's like, 'Whose house will it be at?' We're bringing the potluck to the people. It's going to be an awesome time."

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