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Robert Nixon of Geordie's Steak at The Wrigley Mansion on The Restaurant's New Name

Robert Nixon Executive Chef Geordie's Steak at The Wrigley Mansion 2501 East Telawa Trail, Phoenix

The Wrigley Mansion has always been a destination for some of the very best views in town. Built by chewing gum mogul William Wrigley Jr. in 1932 as a gift for his wife, the sprawling home features panoramic vistas of the Valley and one of the city's most opulent venues for special events. The maze of rooms, balconies, and spiral staircases gives the mansion an air of old school charm, the kind of feeling that just can't be replicated in something new.

But despite all that the place has going in its favor, the fine dining restaurant located inside the mansion has mostly fallen off the radar. What was once a tempting dining destination has become more of a classic Phoenix spot that gives longtime residents a dose of nostalgia more than anything else.