Wake Up Call

Check Your Phone at the Door and Get a Discount

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Here is a novel but frankly fantastic idea: pay diners to turn in their phones during a meal.

At least that's the idea that the owner of West Hollywood's Eva Restaurant has decided to employ, according toKPCC reports that owner/chef Mark Gold hopes that providing a 5 percent discount to any diner who checks his or her phone at the door will allow all diners to enjoy their meals more.

What's interesting is that Gold's policy is not aimed at who you'd think it would be aimed at: disruptive diners who talk loudly on their phones or who use their phones to Instagram their meal across the intertubes. His concern is for the personal experience of the diners themselves. He'd like to see them pause and "connect" with the people they're with rather than stare into the digital display of the smartphone master.

What do you think, Phoenix eaters and Phoenix chefs? Is creating a digital-free zone the gateway to dining nirvana?

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