Wake Up Call

Do The Right Thing: Buckle Up Your Growlers For Safety

We were all a little psyched to see legislation allowing for the refiling of growlers become a reality. Of course there are significant... logistical concerns we hadn't taken into consideration.

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Namely, how the hell do you comfortably transport a half gallon of fluid under pressure? No doubt many people rushed out to buy growlers only to discover that a few aggressive turns can leave your car smelling like a brewery. This problem is even more pronounced if you only have one or two growlers to get home and they start rattling around in your trunk or your backseat. Thankfully it appears that someone with access to a considerable amount of low density foam has come up with a solution to our unrestrained growler problem. Enter the Growler On Board Beer Transportation Unit.

A Beer Transportation Unit, or BTU, is a stiff foam container suitable for transporting up to three growlers at once. (At first glance, it looked like a child's booster seat to us.) You can throw them in the trunk without having to worry about your beer flipping over or, if local laws allow it, strap them into the front seat so that you beer can enjoy all the benefits that your progeny would. As an added benefit, the BTU also provides a fair amount of insulation, which makes it more likely that your beer will travel in comfort as well as style. BTUs come in an assortment of colors including yellow, grey and black.

Of course using your BTU responsibly is important. According to Arizona law it's illegal to carry an open container in your car. But that's why the new growler law speficially indicates that legally filled growlers have to be, "Sealed with a plastic adhesive," that should cover you for the ride home or elswhere. Of course Growlers On Board also offers you some options if you'd like to respond to the smug stick family stickers your neighbor has on their car.

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