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Finding Awesome Offal in Metro Phoenix

You've never had to look much farther than your favorite authentic Mexican or Chinese restaurant to find examples of how delicious offal can be. These cuts of meat are unfamiliar to most American palates but with proper execution can be some of the most flavorful parts of an animal. Though things like liver, hearts, brains and tongues don't sound like typical dinner fare, in many cultures these meats make up a large part of everyday dining.

This week we're exploring the world of offal in several ways, the first of which involves hunting down the 10 best offal dishes in metro Phoenix.

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Here's an excerpt from our list:

Chicken liver pâté at The Gladly: There's a simple pleasure that comes with eating pâté, assuming you're not grossed out by the idea of eating liver. To us, at least, this dish feels rustic and traditional. At The Gladly, the pâté appetizer comes with Dijon mustard, pickled onions, and capers, all of which can be piled or spread atop toasted bread. If you're not a regular offal eater, this pâté is a great place to start because the mild flavor won't leave you feeling like you're eating anything strange. It's wonderfully smooth -- actually downright creamy -- and complemented well by the crisp, buttery bread sourced from North Phoenix's Panini Bakery.

Hungry for more? Read the full list of Phoenix's best offal dishes.

We also went in the kitchen with Petite Maison's chef James Porter to find out what goes into the head cheese for their annual Halloween Offal Dinner. Check out the story and video where we go elbow-deep in pigs head, tongue and trotters.

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