Eating the World

Tonight: Glendale's Twilight Farmer's Market

The Twilight Farmer's Market in Glendale is the least farmer-y Farmer's Market we've ever come across. When you may be expecting summer sun, gravel beneath your feet and cowboy hats abounding, Glendale has put together a chic outdoor gathering of vendors selling everything from your usual local veggies and fruits -- to cupcakes, olive oils and wines. And, in a season when Valley-ites flee to cooler climates and Farmer's Markets disappear with them, they've found a way to keep the local markets selling through the summer: by doing it at twilight.

The Arizona sunset was gorgeous (per usual) at last Wednesday's weekly event, and temperatures were bearable (to those of us who live here, at least). There was ready-made food (we enjoyed the pita bar by Next Coffee Company), a local band playing good oldies -- and even swamp coolers and giant fans to keep the crowd cool.

And it looks like crowds aren't hard to come by out in the West Valley. Families, little kids (there's a nice children's area with a real, live magician!), couples and teens in awkward couples filled the newish shopping center last Wednesday evening.

Check it out tonight and every Wednesday night through the end of July at Glendale's Citadelle Plaza on North 59th Avenue and Utopia, from 6-9 p.m.