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Hula's Modern Tiki Introduces Two Halloween Hootches

Halloween is scary enough knowing there's a possibility of getting a toothbrush or a box of raisins in your treat bag (AHHHHHH!!!!!!)

Thankfully, Hula's Modern Tiki, the vacation destination of island-style eats and cocktails in Central Phoenix, is doing their bloodcurdling on the boozy side with two drinks made in celebration of All Hallows' Eve.

Out now and ready to be eerily ogled and enjoyed, the first, called "Brain Dead," looks like a sample from a mad scientist's laboratory (that's the point), and features Bailey's Irish Creme floating on a shot of peach schnapps with a dollop of red grenadine nestled in the bottom of the glass (think a pissed off peaches and cream.)

The second, called "The Undead," is Hula's take on the classic Zombie, a concoction made of fruit juices, liqueurs, and rums, and named for its undead-like effects on the drinker.


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