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Personal Best: A Look Back at Our Summer of Love

With the scent of Best of Phoenix in the air (our biggest issue of the year final hits newsstands -- and the Internet -- later this week) we set out this summer to ask some of our favorite food folks to list their "Personal Bests." We came up with everything from Pavle Milic's favorite spots to take the kids to Christopher Gross' preferred Scotch-drinking haunts in town.

Check out our slideshow, recapping the summer of Personal Bests.

And in case you missed any of the Personal Best lists, here they are:

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Helen Yung's 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Metro Phoenix Greg Esser's 5 Best Places to Take an International Artist to Dinner in Metro Phoenix Natalie Morris' 5 Best Soups in Metro Phoenix Country Velador's 5 Best Sandwiches in Metro Phoenix Pavle Milic's 5 Best Restaurants for Kids in Metro Phoenix Georganne Bryant's 5 Best Sunday Breakfast Spots in Metro Phoenix Joe Johnston's 5 Best Spots for AZ-Mex in Metro Phoenix (and Beyond) Jeff Kraus' 5 Best Things to Eat with Your Hands in Metro Phoenix Christopher Gross' 5 Best Places to Drink Scotch in Metro Phoenix Brady Breese's 5 Best Salty Dishes in Metro Phoenix Lauren Bailey's 5 Best Hidden Food Gems in Metro Phoenix Eric Schaefer's Five Metro Phoenix Restaurants He Misses the Most Wendy Porter's 5 Best Egg Rolls in Metro Phoenix Aaron Eckburg's 5 Best Desserts in Metro Phoenix JK Grence's 5 Best Places to Eat After Midnight in Metro Phoenix Sharon Salomon's 5 Best Spots for Fried Chicken in Metro Phoenix

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