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Chef Chat: Andrew Ashmore's Maple Bacon Glazed Salmon

In yesterday's Chef Chat, we learned that Andrew Ashmore, executive chef of Scottsdale's Modern Steak, has an affinity for beef. For this recipe, though, he decided to share a non-steak favorite, Maple Bacon Glazed Salmon.

The dish is a great fall/winter meal, with a mix of sweet and savory tastes--great comfort food. Ashmore cautions not to overcook the fish (keep it at a nice medium), and the rest is simple to make at home. Here's how to make it:

Maple Bacon Glazed Salmon
Serves 4

Maple-Bacon Jus 
1 pound diced bacon
8 ounces sherry vinegar
8 ounces maple syrup
4 ounces white onion

Render bacon in a heavy bottomed pan. Drain off the fat. Add the onions and caramelize. Add the sherry vinegar and reduce by half. Add the maple syrup and reduce to a syrup. Strain and reserve.

For the sweet potato: Peel and medium dice 2 sweet potatoes. Roast in a 375 degree oven until caramelized. Cool and reserve at room temperature.

For the brussel sprouts: Peel off the outer layers of 1 pound of brussel sprouts to create petals. Cut the cores in quarters. Blanch the petals and leaves seperately in boiling salted water until tender. Shock the brussels in an ice bath to prevent overcooking.

For the salmon: Sear 4 8-ounce filets of salmon in a hot saute pan in a small amount of oil. Place some of the sweet potatoes on the bottom of the plate. Place the salmon on top of the potatoes. Spoon a generous amount of the maple-bacon glaze over the salmon. Garnish with sauteed brussels petals and thyme leaves.