A Printer that Uses Nutella Instead of Ink, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Other Things You Might Find at the First-Ever Phoenix Maker Faire

Truly we are living in the future today. What you see above is a computer image that has been fed into a machine that prints images with nutella instead of ink. Other edible materials beside nutella can be used so the creation of three dimension objects is a real possibility. The Colbert/Octopus model above is made of plastic today but tomorrow it could be reproduced in royal icing.

David Uhlman, co-owner of the Maker's Bench in Tempe, is organizing the first Phoenix Maker Faire on October 15. Maker's Bench is an open workshop that provides hobbyists affordable access to high-end industrial equipment such as an industrial laser cutter or a hydraulic press. They also teach classes and projects for the community. If you have desired an anatomically accurate dinosaur skeleton you should definitely give them a look.

What else you might find at this faire -- after the jump.

The event is an expo for the bleeding edge of the DIY community. It will include the machine (a MakerBot 3D printer) that printed both OctoColbert and the nutella ant.

There should also be a live demonstration of molecular gastronomy, the lively and delicious collision of science and cooking. Liquid nitrogen ice cream is a likely candidate for the demo.

That's all very interesting but, why did they print an ant?
Maker Bench worked with ASU's School of Life Sciences to develop a habitat to study desert ants. The source image was taken from that project and reused as a demonstrator for their nutella printer.

The first Phoenix Maker Faire will take place on October 15th at Roosevelt Row between the hours of 11 AM and 7 PM

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