Food Guru Lucinda Scala Quinn To Sign Books in Tempe

Lucinda Scala Quinn, the host of Everyday Food on PBS and Martha Stewart's food biz guru, is touring the country to promote her new book, "Mad Hungry", a cook book that teaches how to cook for a family full of hungry men.

Quinn will be heading to Changing Hands Bookstore on December 1 for a cooking demo, tasting, and signing for food fans in the Valley. Quinn said she is very excited to tour the country to meet the people who bought her book, and, of course, to eat local cuisine.

The book released in mid-October, and Quinn said she has gotten some positive buzz back from it.

"It sounds like it's hitting a chord," Quinn said. "It's graphically different and I think that helps it cut through the noise."

Even super adorable Naked Chef Jamie Oliver is quoted on the back touting the book's "simple and delicious food," along with Emeril Lagasse and Martha Stewart herself.

Quinn does say some people wonder why the book has been specifically aimed at cooking for males.

"One woman said her daughter loved the Vinegar-Glossed Chicken recipe. And people ask, 'Can't girls eat like that too?" she said.

Of course, Quinn knows that women will like the recipes too. She said the book is filled with lots of helpful tips and tricks for feeding a family, but since hers is full of boys, that's what she knows best.

She said the book is compiled from recipes in her own repertoire and tested from experience in her household kitchen.

"I've noticed patterns and once you get more than one hungry man, you start to feel that sense of urgency," she said.

That's probably why the recipes in Quinn's book vary from simple and quick to more complex for special occasions. She said that prep time for most of the recipes is minimal no matter how you slice it.

However, there is definitely something to be said for feeding men by Quinn's ideologies. The book has a ton of veggie recipes, and even suggests replacing meat for lentils and beans in some meals to mix it up, though one of her main tips is to "never be caught without bacon."

"It's one of those attractive things that you can keep in your freezer or crisper and it won't go bad," she said. "You can add it to anything. It will be delicious and men will eat it."

Make sure to head out to Changing Hands in Tempe at 7 p.m. on December 1 to meet Lucinda Scala Quinn and get your hands on her "good honest food presented in a straightforward fashion." Check back to Chow Bella tomorrow for one of her favorite recipes from the book, Crunchy Sesame Chicken Wings.