Chow Bella

The Gelato Spot Copies Stingray Sushi and Puts Up Presidential Campaign Signs Around Town, Owner Insists It's About Politics -- Not (Relatively) Cheap Advertising

Valley residents driving around town last week may have noticed some unique signs in areas used for promoting candidates for this year's election. Instead of ads for President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, the signs noted a showdown between Mint "The Chip" Romney and Ba "Rocky Road" Obama. The company behind them? The Gelato Spot, a locally owned, four-store mini-chain in the Valley.

"This isn't an excuse for marketing gelato," says Tommy Plato, who co-owns The Gelato Spot with parents Don Plato and Mei Lee. "It's something I'm interested in. It's personal."

Plato tells me that getting folks out to vote on November 6 is something he's passionate about, and he developed the idea as a way to get people involved in the election.

But the idea didn't come about all on its own. Plato says he was inspired by another restaurant's political ad campaign signs -- one that most of us are familiar with: that of Stingray Sushi.