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19 Great American Beer Festival Winners You Can Get in Arizona

Denver is a sadder, quieter place this week. The vendors have broken down their booths; the brewers have packed up their jockey boxes; the drinkers have sobered up. The 2013 Great American Beer Festival is over and done.

But all is not lost. Held every year since 1982 in the Mile High City, the GABF is not just a huge festival wherein revelers can sample the best beers from the best brewers across the country -- it's also the country's largest beer competition. This year, 160 invited judges blind-tasted 4,875 beers from 714 breweries, awarding bronze, silver and gold medals to the brews they felt were the best in 84 categories. Many of the medal-winners are brewed on a regular basis, and some are even available on shelves and on tap right now. Here, we list the best locally available award-winning brews -- find them and do a GABF tasting of your own.