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Bold, South Indian Cuisine at Karaikudi Palace in Scottsdale

Karaikudi Palace in Scottsdale boasts not one chef well-versed in the Indian foods of his homeland, but three of them.

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And thanks to this trio of friends and fellow chefs, Karaikudi Palace just might be responsible for serving up some of the best examples of South Indian cooking the Valley has to offer: bold curries nearly falling over themselves with flavor; thin and crispy stuffed dosas; and a parade of richly layered selections from the sea.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"The vegetables entrées are equally as delicious as the meats, perhaps even more so.

If you're a fan of okra, there is a bowl brimming with it, along with chunks of onions, bell pepper, tomato, and fresh ginger slices, in the tangy and spicy dish called kadai bindi masala. From the state of Andhra Pradesh, on India's southeastern coast, comes a luscious smoky and spicy curry of baby eggplants stuffed with onions and spices (guthi vengaya) that's just about as exquisite as an eggplant dish can get. And the Karaikudi Vegetables, a rich and mildly spicy curry featuring chunks of carrots, potatoes, and green peppers, is more or less Indian-style comfort food."

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