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Starbucks May Launch Its Own Handcrafted Soda Line

Since last spring Starbucks has been secretly testing the market for "handcrafted sodas." The experiment has been limited to stores in Japan, Singapore, Atlanta, and Austin, Texas where baristas have been using Soda Stream-like machines to carbonate beverages.

But it doesn't just stop with soda. The coffee giant has been letting customers add carbonation to a bunch of other drinks too. CEO Howard Schultz told investors recently that the company thinks carbonation is "a significant opportunity" for the company.

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The idea to test the market for carbonated drinks came from the idea that customers generally want lighter drinks later in the day. But rather than offer bottled fizz, the company opted to go for handcrafted sodas that can be carbonated right before your eyes.

Though it's been very hush-hush, there haven't been many restrictions so far on which drinks customers can and can't add some fizz to. The only constraints so far have been espresso drinks and Frappucinos, which can't yet be carbonated according to what a company representative told Quartz.

So what does this mean for your caffeinated future?

Adding carbonation to your drink may be the next add-on to add to the list. In the future you might be able to add carbonation the same way you can add an extra pump of syrup or an extra shot.

"I would say that it's a next natural step in our customization options," a Starbucks spokesperson said.

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