Chow Bella

Kozy Cactus Fails the Spell Check, Passes on the Patty Melt

A rock solid restaurant name should tell you something about the food, the location, or at the very least, the vibe you'll experience when you walk in the door.

It should also pass a basic spell check, which is why Kozy Cactus might want to reconsider its mess of a moniker. Is there anything cozy about a cactus?  And what's with the misspelling of the word cozy? Is the name supposed to be ironic?

And why not Kozy Kactus?  Or better yet, Cozy Cactus?

The only bit of irony here is that the place seems to be more sports grill than cuddly cafe.  And though the patty melts are actually pretty decent and the thick sliced bacon burgers looked pretty promising, the name isn't giving us a clue about the large well-positioned televisions and comfy bar food you'll find inside.  

Anchoring a Target shopping center, at the corner of Cactus Road and Paradise Parkway, and surrounded by a plethora of boring chain restaurants - half of them shuttered, this place could be THE - as in the only - local PV mall hang out, a place where mall-worn patrons might stumble in to sip a few beers and nosh on some nachos.

So how about it Kozy Cactus?  Ditch the cutesy K and the public might just embrace you as the Cactus Bar and Grill. 

Then again, maybe a head scratcher of a name isn't a deal breaker; Glendale's Thee Pitts Again has been hanging in there for years.