Campus Coffee: Gold Bar Brings the Sweets

For Tempe's eastsiders, Gold Bar Espresso has been a staple for many years.

If Solo Cafe (which we covered yesterday) is decorated like a great-aunt's house, Gold Bar is decorated more like that aunt who is too young to be a hippie but too old to be anything too hip. It's a nice, family-owned-and-operated establishment with a mix of ASU and MCC students.

While Gold Bar's coffee doesn't particularly blow us away, their hot chai latte is worth the trip in the colder months. They also offer cheesecake, eclairs, and black and white cookies, which, paired with espresso, are a nice after-dinner treat. Patrons can expect some moderately steep prices though, especially for a college student budget.

However, Gold Bar also offers free wi-fi, and their shop is quieter than other cafés closer to campus.

Yesterday, Campus Coffee went south to Solo. Tomorrow, we'll bring you right on main campus' doorstep to the newly-reopened eJoy Internet Cafe. Until then, make sure to tip your barista!