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Cuban Foods Bakery & Restaurant: Sandwich Cubanos and More on the City's West Side

Cuban Foods Bakery & Restaurant on the city's west side makes a formidable Cuban sandwich.

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Larger than those you may have had elsewhere, the plate-size sandwich is juicy and a little garlicky, and the golden brown bread maintains its crispiness even as it soaks up the well-balanced mix of ingredients within. I maintain it's best consumed (like its relative, the Media Noche sandwich) with a cold, bracing glass of Malta, preferably mixed with condensed milk to gives the molasses-tasting soft drink a creamy texture and an aroma of corn flakes.

The Cuban sandwich is almost a rite of passage here, but there are several other satisfying dishes, too.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"The centerpiece of the specials, however, is the pollo relleno, a true feast and one you'll need the help of a few hungry carnivores to consume. Hernandez stuffs a whole chicken with ham and cheese, seasons and paints it in butter, then roasts it, for something akin to the Cuban version of chicken cordon bleu. Finding the slices of buttery baked potatoes, hidden under the chicken's ringed garnish of lettuce and tomatoes, makes for additional mealtime entertainment."

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