Meagan Micozzi's Perfect Food Day

Courtesy Meagan Micozzi

​We are positively in love with Meagan Micozzi's and the Southwest-inspired baked goods she posts on her food blog, Scarletta Bakes. We've mentioned her before on Chow Bella. She's from the East Coast but you wouldn't know it from all of her recipe posts that include such regional foods as blue corn, pinyon nuts, pasilla chiles, horchata and jicama.

What you don't see in her beautiful photographs is all the Diet Coke that "fuels" her while working on her recipes and snaps.

We wanted to know what this Arizona-based food blogger would choose for her perfect food day; and here it is:

I wish I could tell you that I have the recipe for an absolutely perfect food day. I would have liked to share with you the super top-secret formula for a day's worth of dining nirvana.

But when it comes to food and perfection I'm still on the prowl, which is probably why I'm such a fervent fan of eating and all that it entails. So the following is my As Close As I Have Come But I'm Still In Pursuit So Stay Tuned Perfect Food Day. Keep up - we've got some eating to do.

Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important part of my day. I love it and I always try to make time to break my fast with something tasty. Enter migas, a bowl full of comforting goodness that takes seconds to prepare and milliseconds to consume. Whether it's the warm scrambled eggs, the crunchy fresh-fried tortilla strips, the fresh produce of your choosing, or the creamy queso fresco on top, you're starting your day off right if you're starting it with a bowl of migas. And we've got a busy day ahead of us so you best clean your plate.

After breakfast we're off to ABC Cake Decorating Supplies in Phoenix to browse the rows of cake pans and pick the perfect one for our next round of baking shenanigans. I'm a huge fan of ABC and can spend hours examining their selection of bakeware, cookie cutters and edible glitter. Don't judge.

Courtesy Meagan Micozzi

Lunch: Next, we're heading over to Pro's Ranch Market in Mesa to snap up some serious produce. I'm honestly not much of a lunch person so I head over to Pro's around lunch time and while I'm picking up some fresh-grown chiles or dried epazote, I'll snag a snack of a warm tortilla or a ripe mango. Nothing beats the produce or baked goods at Pro's and I would gladly beat back a crowd crazed shoppers for one of their conchas. And if you're buying what I'm selling, you'll want to be sure to pick up a large agua fresco for the road. Pro's flavored waters are prepared fresh every day in a variety of traditional flavors - they're refreshing on a cool valley day and a panacea during the hottest days of August.

Dinner: As the day comes to a close, we're headed home with a car full of fresh veggies and a gleam in our eye. That would be the glare off of a brand new bag of Fritos, sirs and madams. I love nothing more than serving up an old school Texas Frito Pie to guests at the end of the day. My most recent version is vegetarian, but throwback recipes such as these are wildly adaptable and it has been my experience that everyone warms to a comforting classic.

Of course, our day isn't finished until we've had a little sweet. Just a little, mixed, perhaps, with an after dinner drink? Yes, please. So I'll serve up some Corona Blondie Bites that are perfectly sized to finish up a Perfect Food Day.

Make that an I'm Enjoying Every Second That I Spend In Search Of The Absolutely Perfect Food Day.


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