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Cafe: Yo Mama's Good Cook'n

It is almost certain that in the deep recesses of your mind the words "soul food" are permanently affixed to instantly answer the question any and all questions about what you would like to eat. Yet, you choose something "healthier" instead because you're counting calories. Bikini season is right around the corner.

But what if you could get a healthy version of your soul food fix? The food at Yo Mama's Good Cook'n is going for a healthier approach, but it still tastes amazing.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Yo Mama's:

Yes, they have fried chicken. And fried zucchini. And fried okra. And ridiculously good mac 'n' cheese. Nope, there's no pork on the menu -- they flavor some of the vegetable dishes with smoked turkey or turkey sausage instead of swine -- but there's plenty that looks deliciously naughty.

To be fair, one of the appetizers struck me as a good-for-you dish, a bowl of chunky tomato "house soup" accented with basil. It wasn't bad, especially on a chilly day when I was in the mood for such a hot, fragrant thing...full story