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The Ramen Burger: Everything You Need to Know, Including How to Make One

The hottest thing in NYC right now is the Ramen Burger. And yes, that does sound slightly reminiscent of something Saturday Night Live's city's correspondent Stefon would have said -- except that this is not a joke.

Out of Brooklyn and on the heels of the now-infamous Cronut™ comes an unholy mash-up of prepackaged ramen noodles and an all-beef patty. This newest preoccupation of food-obsessed New Yorkers already has T-shirts, hours-long lines, and knock-offs (natch). It comes to the Internet, and the world, thanks to Keizo Shimamoto, a former computer programmer who left that gig to start his own ramen blog in 2009.

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To break it down in clearer terms, a Ramen Burger features an all-beef patty between two ramen noodle "buns" made by compressing the cooked noodles into a flat shape and then lightly frying them. The O.G. version comes topped with arugula, green onions, and a secret shoyu (that's soy sauce, if ya don't know) sauce.

"I experimented with different recipes to get the perfect bun. People think it's crispy because they see it on the grill, but when you bite into it you notice that the noodles are still quite soft." But it doesn't break apart. Why? "That's a secret," Shimamoto told ABC.

So where can you get one? As for right now, the only place is at Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn Flea food market that's open on weekends during the summer. Shimamoto debuted his creation at the market two weekends ago, bringing just 300 of the burgers to sell. When he arrived more than 100 people were already waiting in line. Reports say some people had been there as early as 7:45 a.m.

Eugene Kung told the NY Post, "It's a perfect mix of ramen and hamburgers, two of my favorite things."

But not everyone thought the dish delivered on all the hype. Another person told the Post she felt like it was something she could have just made at home.

And speaking of making one at home, there already are a few tutorials floating around about how you can satisfy your curiosity (and hunger) without having to head to Hipster Land. We included one below that tops the burger with an egg, which might not be authentic or whatever, but looks pretty delicious.

The best news? This sounds a whole lot easier to make than those damn Cronuts™.

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