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New Brewing Company Moving Into Former Rio Salado Brewing Site in Tempe, Will Produce Line of Beer for Scottsdale's Papago

More brew in the news -- and this time, it's got some Huss behind it.

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Huss, as in Jeff Huss, formerly head brewer of the Chandler location of BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, and now, president and brewmaster of his own company, Huss Brewing. Estimated to open in mid-2013, Huss Brewing will be located in the defunct Rio Salado Brewing site (located off Priest Road between Guadalupe and Elliot) in south Tempe.

To start, Huss Brewing will produce and package two lines of signature beers: One for itself and the other in partnership with Papago Brewing in Scottsdale.

In an announcement on its Facebook page, Papago Brewing thanked Sun Up Brewing in Phoenix and Oak Creek Brewing in Sedona for their efforts in producing its beers over the last few years. In addition, Crescent Crown was applauded for coordinating Papago's brewing and distributing from each of the locations.

"It is our intention at this time to be canning some of our beers including the popular Orange Blossom Special in 2013," Papago's Facebook post read.

Papago goes on to say Huss Brewing is exploring the possibility of brewing Rio Salado beers as well.

Huss' wife, Leah, is co-owner and general manager for Papago Brewing.

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