Kitchen Switchin' Consignment Boutique Opens November 29

Home from your Black Friday shopping -- with a few things still unbought? We've got good news. Christa and Jim Kent's kitchen consignment boutique Kitchen Switchin'  opens Monday November 29th. 
We stopped in to check on the progress of the opening, and found Jim handily finishing display shelves while Christa was tagging newly received inventory. The niche consignment boutique is filled with an impressive collection of high end table top and kitchen ware. Ditch the Black Friday crowds, stop in Kitchen Switchin' to unleash your inner bargain hunter. Holiday Hours: M-Sat, 10am-5pm 
Follow the jump for a preview of what's in stock

Nothing in a package compares to homemade pasta. Pasta maker with attachments tagged for $29.99. Get ready to roll.

Vintage or a modern pro? Take your pick, Kitchen Aid Professional 5, tagged for $129.00 or Mixwell vintage tagged for $59.99.

The cast iron tempura pot comes with its original packaging. Not just for the Japanophile! Tagged for $69.99.

Jealous that your sibling inherited grandma's cast iron? Look at this wall of wonderment, pot with lids and skillets galore. Tempting! Prices start at $10.00.

The bottom reads: Made in Italy, J. Peterman. Yes, from the original J. Peterman company, not the Seinfeld show!

Unique for the cued crowd, a set of billiard glasses on a serving tray shaped like a rack. Pool-billiards-snooker, whatever you play, this set has your number. Tagged for $24.99.

The Bugatti espresso maker looks good, as an Italian import should. 15 bar pump, steam wand, temperature gauge, brass fittings and the color-red! Tagged at $599, half the price of new. We would be happy just to look at it every morning!

No cool dark basements in Arizona, why we like a wine cooler. Prices range fro $79.99 to $359.99.

Practical yet unusual? Gotta love these bowls by Nigella.

Kitchen Switchin' a consignment boutique
7118 N 7th Street
Phoenix 85020
Holiday store hours: M-Sat, 10am-5pm