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Bombay Spice Makes Way for San Gabriel Mexican Cafe

JNK Concepts, the company behind Bombay Spice, is replacing the 16th Street and Glendale Ave location of the healthful Indian restaurant with another one of its concepts, San Gabriel Mexican Cafe, opening Monday. Currently, Illinois has the only other branch of the eatery.

Meanwhile, Bombay Spice will continue to operate at the northwest corner of Tatum and Shea.

Dr. John Kapoor, owner of JNK Concepts, says to expect margaritas with freshly squeezed lime, and guacamole prepared tableside.

The local website,, won't be live until early February, but the Illinois menu features fish tacos, cochinita pibil, red snapper Veracruzana, and lots of other dishes common to Mexican restaurants along 16th Street (although in a more upscale setting at San Gabriel).