Chow Bella

Pop Culture: Peñafiel Strawberry

As I've written before, here in Phoenix we have amazing access to Mexican sodas - not to mention a store that sells nothing but soda - making this a truly great place to explore unusual soft drinks.

Peñafiel Strawberry isn't quite an obscure soft drink, but it's not widely available stateside. I got mine at my favorite Mexican Grocer, La Tolteca, for $1.80.

Peñafiel is said to be the oldest mineral water bottling company in Mexico, at least according to Wikipedia, and they've been bottling the stuff in central Mexico since the roaring 20s. Peñafiel's Strawberry - which is, like New York Seltzer more of a soda than a Perrier-style mineral water - is a more recent innovation.

So what did the tasting team think?

Verdict: I usually like sodas that are a bit more syrupy that this, but I appreciated the light, clean flavor. It's understated, but not weak. Other tasters were in agreement: This is good stuff.

Jasmine: "Oh, I love it, I wonder if it has vanilla in it?"
Peter: This tastes like something you would get in Scottsdale?
Jay: "Not as good as Faygo Red Pop." --Martin Cizmar