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8 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in November

Last month, eight of Valley dining spots failed to pass county health inspections, and though some of the violations seem harmless enough, others might have you squirming in your seat. Let's put it this way, you won't catch us at the spot where the health inspector spotted several live and dead roaches anytime soon.

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Garcia's Las Avenidas, Phoenix

"Safe, Unadulterated and Honestly Presented Tortilla soup was found cooling with a fly in it. Employee discarded soup at time of inspection. "

Can't Stop Smokin', Chandler

"*FOURTH CONSECUTIVE OCCURRENCE* Observed raw turkey, raw pork ribs, raw chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, whole shell eggs, cooked spinach, etc. in the walk in cooler holding at 47-49'F."

La Parrillita Mexican Grill, Mesa

"Observed several small roaches in the back kitchen area."

Restaurant El Pollo Vini Mexican Food, Phoenix

"Upon getting hand soap to wash hands at the first handwashing sink, a number of live cockroaches (more than 5) emerged behind soap dispenser. A number of live cockroaches were also seen crawling along wall and a number of dead cockroaches (more than 5) were seen in the sanitizer bucket."

Bosa Donuts, Phoenix (9025 N. 43rd Ave.)

"Observed cooked egg patties stacked 10 layers deep in plastic container and covered with plastic wrap while cooling."

Nana Pancha's Breakfast, Phoenix

"Establishment does not have a thermometer capable of taking internal food temperatures."

El Tlacoyo, Tempe

"Various cooked food items found in both the upright metal 2-door refrigerator, and the lift-top refrigerator; all with many having been cooked multiple days prior (from weekend/last week) that did not have dates thereon at time of inspection."

Brookwood Cafe, Glendale

"Observed organic matter on knives and cleaver stored on magnetic strip with clean utensils."

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