FnB Gets Food + Wine's "Best of the Year" Honor

FnB's leeks have more momentum than any dish in Phoenix. Even a summer hiatus, when they weren't in season, wasn't enough to stop them.

"Humble braised leeks became something luxurious under a melted layer of buttery, handmade mozzarella, mustard breadcrumbs, and velvety yolk oozing from a fried egg," I wrote back in February.

Countless readers and friends agreed: that dish is truly addicting.

By late spring, there was almost hysteria at the thought of chef Charleen Badman taking them off the menu. Fans rallied to get their fill of the dish while they could -- hence, the last-of-the-leeks Tweet-up, with the Twitter hashtag #leekapalooza. Months went by (leekless and sleepless in Scottsdale), and still people drooled at the thought of them. I included them among my 100 Favorite Dishes, holding out 'til the very end of the list, when there was finally hope in sight that they'd soon make an encore.

Now, FnB's star item is included in Food + Wine's December issue, one of the Top 10 Restaurant Dishes in the magazine's "Best of the Year" feature.

To see something pulled from the dirt, transformed into something delicious, worshipped as a cult fave, and even celebrated by a top culinary publication is very cool, indeed.

Congratulations to the folks at FnB for making 2010 the Year of the Leek!