Why Your Jack in the Box Employee Hates You

The latest installment in that ongoing series you readers love to hate takes us behind the scenes at one of the greasiest spots on earth: Jack in the Box. Take an as-told-to guided tour of the hate with a former JITB employee who spent three formative high school years slinging burgers. She was even a shift leader for a year.

This is a lady who really knows her Frings. And is clearly still not over her experience, though she does have fond memories of the time she and co-workers fashioned a bong out of a tomato.

Yes, you read that right. Now read all about Why Your Jack in the Box Employee Hates You.

1. Drunk people in the drive-thru during graveyard shift. One chola girl tried to cut me through the window because i forgot her fries. i had to lock the window until she drove away!

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2. Rude people who treat fast food workers like low class citizens. Once i got so mad at a man for being mean to me that I deep-fried his burger patty instead of cooking it on the grill.

(Side note: I also used to deep fry burger patties between 3:30 and 5:30 am because we had to have the grill SPOTLESS for the morning crew and if someone ordered a burger, it ruined the surface and we had to clean it all over again. But most of the customers who come during that time were kinda drunk anyway and I don't think they noticed.)

3. Walk-up people in the drive-thru window during graveyard.

4. People who give you a coupon after you hand them their change.

5. People who don't read the menu and ask stuff like, "Do you guys have, like, a bacon cheeseburger melt or something like that?"

6. People who order another business' fast food menu item instead of the one they are at. 

7. Separate orders in one car. It holds up the line and is muy confusing!

8. People who ask for WAY more ketchup packets than they need. They order one burger and ask for 12 packets??

9. Creepy people who park for hours and watch the person working the drive-thru window.

10. My ALL-TIME thing i hated the most: People in the drive-thru lane who are sitting at the window in their car and STARE into the store -- right at you while you put their order together.

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