Ed Hardy Alcohol: The Next Step in World Douche-ification?

In the beginning, there were tattoos. Then came the clothes (shudder). Now Ed Hardy's got a whole line of beverages including wine, sparkling wine, sangria, beer, vodka, tequila, energy drinks and spring water.

The results of such a line could be horrific; just imagine the cast of Jersey Shore pimping this stuff in season two like it's the new bronzer? ... "We've got a situation, and the only cure is more Ed Hardy Vodka ..."

This new endeavor comes from former Von Dutch designer Christian Audigier, who bought the rights to produce his Ed Hardy clothing line in 2004 (forever muddying the name, arguably, of original artist Don Ed Hardy, student of world-renowned tattooist Sailor Jerry Collins). Audigier has since become the face of Ed Hardy, clothing Orange County housewives and alcohol labels alike with skulls, daggers and other traditional tattoo art.

To its credit, the alcohol line is of decent quality. Ed Hardy vodka has already won several awards from the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition and The Spirits Business. It's produced and bottled in the Cognac region of France where it is distilled and filtered five times before it's poured into handmade crystal bottles adorned with images of Hardy's artwork.

All this so spray-tanned twenty-somethings can guzzle it until they vomit on their Ed Hardy shirts, or wake up in a stranger's bed wondering where that shirt could possibly be.

Ed Hardy alcohol is available at Total Wine, BevMo and liquor stores throughout the Valley.