Wake Up Call

Wendy's Widens "Poutine Gap," Now Serving Poutines in Canada

Fast food behemoth Wendy's is unsatisfied with simply being America's second-largest fast-food chain. Now they are moving to swell the hearts, and possibly the cholesterol levels, of Canadians by petitioning ("poutitioning" in Canadian) for poutines to be recognized as the Canadian national dish. In completely related news, Wendy's also announced it will be selling poutines across Canada.

Can America close the Poutine Gap? Poutines are formed in the confluence of a holy trinity of foods: French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. For a country that prides itself in excess, it seems strange that poutines have been slow to fully infiltrate our society. It's a deep-fried potato mixed with cheese and covered in gravy! How can we not want this for ourselves? Perhaps it's time to start our own campaign to bring poutines down from America's Hat and into our hearts. Either way, we need to be sure to celebrate early poutine technology adopters like Rose & Crown Pub, which we highlighted in our late-night eating guide, to encourage them to keep up the good work.

Via: PR News Wire

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