Bon Jovi Grammy Spectacle vs. Fast Food Folk Song and This Week's Must-See Food Shows on TV Dinner

Looking for the latest in tasty television? Need to know the need-to-watch episodes of your favorite foodie shows? Chow Bella is here to help. We're reviewing the most delectable and dreadful with a handy, must-see schedule so you won't miss a thing.

Once again, the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, treated us to accolades bestowed upon the absurd, random, ridiculous, and just plain wrong by musicians congratulating themselves. That said, we watched them anyway. And while we lost six minutes of our lives on the Bon Jovi extravaganza, we made up for it with multiple viewings of this 2009 fast-food folk song funny that's both a work of musical genius and top-notch, drive-thru order-taking.

This weekend's TV roundup and this week's must-see food show listings after the jump.

Reviews and Previews:

Who wasn't sobbing in their supper during Friday night's second-season opener of Kitchen Nightmares? First, Chef Ramsay walks off the set (gasp!) only to return after an offering of tears from the restaurant's owners. Then, he gives the struggling but stalwart 21-year-old chef, Danielle, a month's worth of mentoring from a local chefspert in a show of support after telling her she's "got it." That's it -- color us included for the next episode.

This week, it's the Worst Cooks in America finale, Super Bowl recipes, and, on Ace of Cakes, Duff makes Star Wars sweet with a Han Solo confection and Jewel stops by to add cake decorating on TV to her ongoing campaign of "remember me?" Be sure to check back on Friday for a new review on VD (12 News Valley Dish) and the week's tastiest telecasts.

Monday (February 1)

American Pickers: "White Castle on the Farm." An old White Castle hamburger building is discovered in the middle of a farm, and it's a treasure trove of collectibles. Also, a couple who live in a 19th-century Victorian house that contains the previous owner's antiques. 10 p.m., The History Channel

* (Season 2 Premiere!) Ultimate Cake-Off: "Winter Weddings." Cake artists compete for $10,000 and the chance to have their work showcased at a winter wedding. 11 p.m., TLC

* (Season Finale!) Worst Cooks in America: "The Final Test." Season 1 comes to a close as the final two recruits prepare a three-course meal for food critics, who think they're eating dishes prepared by Anne and Beau. The amateur chef who serves the best-executed meal is declared the winner. 11 p.m., The Food Network

Tuesday (February 2)

Last Restaurant Standing: "The Cake." The final four teams get a chance to show off their baking skills when they take bookings from VIP guests with special requests. Each wants a three-course meal, topped off with a celebratory cake. 7 p.m., BBC

Kitchen Nightmares: "Flamango's." Chef Ramsay visits Flamango's in Whitehouse Stations, New Jersey, and discovers an outdated eatery. He suggests a major overhaul on all fronts, but runs into opposition from one owner who's not open to change. 8 p.m., Channel 10, FOX

Biggest Loser Couples: The eliminated blue and yellow teams return to the ranch to try to re-enter the competition after 30 days at home. Later, the winner of a football challenge receives immunity; and Ali makes an exciting announcement. 8 p.m., Channel 12, NBC

Wednesday (February 3)

Throwdown With Bobby Flay: "Brownies." A brownie bake-off against the owners of the Vermont Brownie Company in South Hero, Vermont. 10 p.m., The Food Network

Man v. Food Live: Adam Richman is in Miami for a live challenge. 10 p.m., Travel Channel

Thursday (February 4)

Rachael Ray: "Super Bowl Recipe Playoff." NFL players vie in the kitchen; Rachael prepares a Super Bowl dinner. 4 p.m., Channel 5 CBS

Food Tech: "Lunch Box." Lunch-box meals are examined. Included: peanut-butter sandwiches and baby carrots. 10 p.m., History Channel

* (Celebrity Appearance!) Ace of Cakes: "Copper, Carbonite and Jewels." Singer Jewel visits the bakery and shows off her cake-decorating skills. Meanwhile, Elena works on a Han Solo cake; and the entire staff helps create a chocolate replica of a famous Civil War statue. 11 p.m., The Food Network.

Friday (February 5)

Martha Stewart Show: "The Man Show." Super Bowl party recipes include nachos with New York Jet Kerry Rhodes; and roasted clams with pork and chili, and chicken, roasted pepper and mozzarella panini with chef Tom Colicchio. 11 a.m., Channel 15, ABC

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: "Snack Attack." Food Network stars discuss the snacks they crave the most, including pickles, tacos, nachos and nuts. Appearing: Alex Guarnaschelli; Ted Allen; Giada De Laurentiis; and Curtis Stone. 11 p.m., The Food Network