Brew Review

Tops Liquor to Open Beer and Wine Bar in Tempe

Tempe residents will soon have a new watering hold to consider when attempting to decide how to spend those precious drinking hours between leaving work hitting the snooze button.The good folks at Tops Liquor on University are opening a wine and beer bar called "Taste of Tops" right next door.

We spoke with Tops Liquors' Owner Greg Eccles to see what's on tap for the new bar. Here dizzied us with sheer numbers. The new place will have 12 draught beers, 10 white wines and 10 red wines on a constantly changing rotation. If you can't find what you want on draught there will also be 500 bottles beers in a refrigerator section where patrons can simply walk about and point out what they'd like to imbibe.

And imbibing will be the primary activity at Taste of Tops, not eating. The space seats about 49 people total and parking is limited so Eccles is including only a "warming kitchen" meant for preparing quick appetizers; not full meals.

So when TOT open? Eccles says he's shooting for the end of August.