Wake Up Call

The Most Expensive Cocktail in the World Now Costs $13,000

Apparently Salvatore's Legacy lasted less than half a year because an Australian bartender has poured what is likely the new most expensive cocktail ever.

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The "Winston," as in Sir Winston Churchill, was poured from a $157,000 bottle of cognac of the same vintage reported to have been consumed by Winston Churchill and Roosevelt as they planned the D-Day invasion. The drink itself contained two shots of the rare 154-year-old Croizet cognac.

Joel Heffernan is the bartender who created the drink at Crown Melbourne's Club 23 bar. Procuring the drink requires a two day lead time at least in part because he has a pastry chef create an elaborate sculpted "garnish" that is also infused with alcohol. The drink itself includes Grand Marnier Quintessence, Chartreuse Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé and Angostura Bitters.

Of course for all that hoopla it's more than a little depressing that the businessman who actually ordered it only took two sips before leaving it on the counter. That sounds like an awful lot of money to spend on a drink you didn't like very much.

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