Wake Up Call

Cartel Coffee's Scottsdale Location is Now Complete with Beer and Wine and Desserts

Here's a late Christmas gift: I just found out that the newest Cartel Coffee Lab -- the one in Scottsdale on 5th Ave -- starting serving beer and wine last month. 

This is kinda of a big deal because now we can all start off with a delicious cup of Cartel's locally roasted coffee and then we can calm that caffine high down with a pint of crafty beer. 

And then, after you've had a beer or two and the beer munchies start kicking in, you can snag something sweet from Cartel's kitchen. 

Sweet things like -- find out after the jump...

Rich chocolaty brownies, tangy lemon bars, and -- wait for it -- BACON CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Yum! 
All that aside, do you know how great it will be to actually be able to go sit someplace and have a glass of wine with my trusty laptop and get some work done? For some reason I absolutely can not get a single word on "paper" at when I'm trying to work from home which means I find myself walking (okay driving) down to Cartel Tempe, laptop in hand, praying that a seat will be open when I walk in the door.
Fifty percent of the time I lose that gamble and have to grab my latte and go sit at a park (or in my backyard). The other fifty percent of the time I am stuck sitting at a table with a few kids in the 17 to 22 year old range listening to their innocent, young souls discuss teenage things or religious stuff that I am clueless about, hopelessly wishing that I could just find a place to work and have a beer at the same time and (I know I'm asking for a lot) possibly do that around people that a a little closer to my age (I'm 32).

So thank you very much, Cartel Scottsdale. I super look forward to paying you a visit in the near future for a brownie and a pint of Oskar Blues Ten Fidy or whatever else you may have on tap at the time. My fingers will be crossed that I can find parking and a table! 

And if you're wondering when the new Cartel microbrewery in Tempe is going to open, we  recently heard "soon" -- which was a promising and informative answer. We'll keep you updated as we hear more. 

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