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Urban Cookies Serves Up Gluten-Free Doughnuts and Cupcakes

A delicious surprise appeared in front of me last month when a friend brought me some gluten-free doughnuts from Urban Cookies Bakeshop at 4711 North Seventh Street.

Gluten-free doughnuts don't have the springy lift of traditional glazed doughnuts. They have a consistency more like a cake doughnut, which is really my favorite -- although Krispy Kremes, fresh from their icing waterfall are pretty amazing.

But they're dead to me now.

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The gluten-free offerings at Urban Cookies include rich, dark, dense chocolate cake and chocolate icing, vanilla cake with chocolate icing and happy sprinkles, and, my favorite, cinnamon sugar. These doughnuts were so good they brought back pre-GF doughnut memories.

Urban Cookies has won local awards for its glutinous Orange Blossom cupcake, made with orange and olive oil cake and rosewater buttercream icing. It's one of four fabulous cupcakes that gave owner Brady Breese and lead baker Sal Garcia a victory on Food Network's Cupcake Wars in 2011, when they competed under the name OllieCakes.

Urban Cookies, started ASU grads Brady and wife Shaun, is mostly organic, uses local ingredients, works to create less waste.

Their menu also includes gluten-free cupcakes.

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