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Learn to Cook Online with Netflix-Style Subscription Service Website

Sometimes working from a recipe is easy and other times recipes assume you know how to make a bechamel or mirepoix. Well, in case you get stuck in that in between stage, there's a new instructional video series from Salted to help guide you in the basics of cooking as taught by professional chefs. The online cooking school showcases HD videos from over 50 chefs across the country on a range of topics from making the perfect burger patty to handmaking pasta and more.

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Salted's video selection includes courses and individual videos so you can decide how deep you want to get into one subject. Individual videos include "Skill" videos like knife fundamentals, how to butcher a lamb, and how to make a chicken stock, as well as "Recipe" videos separated into ingredient, cuisine, mood, and dish type categories.

However, if you're really a newbie to the kitchen or just looking to get your fundamentals down, Salted also offers course series including "The Essential Sauces of Cooking," "Introduction to Italian Cooking," and "Cocktail Bootcamp."

The service works kind of like Netflix, and at $9.99, is about the same price to subscribe and you get the first month free to try. For more information, like featured chefs and bartenders and a full list of videos, visit Salted's website.

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