Flan with Pine Nuts, and Other Southwestern Sadness


It's always fascinating to see what authors do with "local" cookbooks that supposedly highlight the cuisine of a particular region. So when Albuquerque resident and chile pepper expert Dave DeWitt's new tome The Southwest Table: Traditional Cuisine from Texas, New Mexico and Arizona arrived in Cooking Virgin's mailbox, I couldn't wait to see what kinds of Phoenix-area recipes he'd have in store.

Chimichangas? Check. Hot sauce? Yup. Mole? Well, he credited that one to Tucson, but at least it's in the book. Flan with Pinon Nuts?

Whoa! Back the food truck up. It's rare that we see this tree nut show up anywhere other than in Italian pesto or with hummus at a Middle Eastern joint -- much less in a dessert. Intrigued, I tackled the recipe at home.

One minor burn, two sticky countertops and one nasty milk-water bath later, I had a strangely crunchy flan with the pine nuts on the wrong side of the track.

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