Pie Social: Dishing on the National Dish

Pie Social on Saturday, November 13th, is less than a week away and we are getting excited. For inspiration, check out this photo of a pie and cake table in Pie Town, New Mexico in 1940. Just look at that assortment! It's got our mouths watering. 

Pie Social's also got us thinking about our Grandma Thelma because not only did she always enjoy a good slice of pie, but Nov. 13th just happens to be her birthday. 

Learn more about Grandma Thelma -- and Pie Social -- after the jump.

Grandma had a story she liked to tell about one of her brother-in-laws. He came to Arizona as a young unsophisticated farm boy from Missouri. He had never eaten in a restaurant. On the trip west, his travel companion was his (slightly) older brother who was embarrassed of him for being such a yokel and announced he wouldn't sit next to him when they stopped to eat. The older brother told him to just go on an order whatever the man sitting next to him at the counter asked for. Well the stranger ordered a slice of pie and coffee. So, grandma's brother-in-law followed suit. Only thing is he didn't quit, he asked for a slice of pie and coffee at the next stop, and the next stop. He didn't know what else there was to order so he ate pie and coffee all along the way until he reached Arizona. 

The story may be a bit of a tall tale, but if you ask us it sounds like a pretty good way to travel. 

Help start a new tradition and celebrate the first-ever Pie Social with a taste (or five) of pie. 

Here's the low-down on Pie Social, Saturday November 13th from, 2 to 6 p.m. at 5th Street and Roosevelt

$10 bucks will get you 5 tasting tickets. There will also be a pie silent auction. 

In addition, you are invited to bake a pie -- or two -- for our community pie tasting. Bring two pies and we'll give you 5 tasting tickets. You can download an application or simply show up Nov. 13 with pie. Baking is not mandatory -- you are welcome to simply come and buy tasting tickets.