Chow Bella

Cafe: Bonfire Grill and Bar

Are you a meat lover?

If you are, you can thank chef Matt Carter for the wood-fired cuisine at Bonfire Grill in Scottsdale. Carter consulted on Bonfire's menu, creating a selection of American dishes with hints of the extravagant, heavy on the skewers, and approachable enough, in ingredients and in price, to appeal to a wide range of diners.

Here's a taste of what I thought about Bonfire Grill and Bar:

"Such was the case with my bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin and pineapple skewers, which arrived as crossed metal rods -- one pierced with meat, the other with chunks of sweet pineapple and cipollini onions. Alone, the plump pork duets were tender treats touched with mint, but along with bites of the sweet fruit and soft, sugary translucent onions came a harmony of tastes and textures that made my inner caveman, er, woman, ravenous for more."

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