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Perfectly Shredded Chicken in 20 Seconds, Thanks to Pinterest

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I'm ashamed to say I've been hiding this trick from you for several months. As one of the first things I learned from Pinterest, I sort of forgot about it and didn't really deem it worthy of exposure . . . until this past weekend, when I shredded four large chicken breasts the old school way -- by using two forks. All the while I kept telling my cousin, whose kitchen I was working in, that it would take only 20 seconds in a stand mixer.

Her response: "Ew."

A while later, I realized that the whole time I'd been using the "barbaric" two-fork method, a stand mixer was located within inches of the space I had been using. I can see why putting chicken in your stand mixer feels counterintuitive, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing "ew" about it. Try it once and you'll be forever hooked.

Prepare the chicken in whatever manner you're accustomed to -- just be sure it's boneless before shredding. Place the chicken in the mixer bowl and "mix" for about 20 seconds on a speed of four or five using the paddle attachment. Yes, there's another dirty bowl and paddle to wash, but you still will save time. Plus, it's another reason to use that stand mixer.

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