Battle of the Dishes

Tuna Tartare: The Greene House vs Chelsea's Kitchen

Tartare sounds like something you say while holding out your pinky and sipping tea at noon, but it refers to finely chopped raw meat or fish. Mmmm, yeah, raw.

Tuna tartare is a lighter take on the European version of beef tartare, and perfect for light summer eats. Which leads us to our battle of the dishes contestants, The Greene House in Scottsdale and Chelsea's Kitchen in Phoenix.

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In One Corner: The Greene House
15024 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, 480-889-9494

The Set-Up: Tuna tartare nestled in mini crunchy taco shells with wasabi aioli, avocado, sprinkled sesame seeds and shredded cabbage piled on top with a little aged soy. Garnished with vibrantly green seaweed on a modern square plate.
Pros: Bursting with Asian inspired flavor, this set-up reminds us of a California roll (good for beginners). We just couldn't get enough of all the well incorporated seasoning, and there was plenty of wasabi aioli, ginger and aged soy to keep us coming back for more.
Cons: Although we like the southwestern tribute of the tuna tartare as tacos, the shells were a bit overwhelming, maybe a bit too thick?
Suggestion: Perhaps we could see this again in the form of a taco salad? That way we can eat as little or as much of the shell as we want.

In The Other Corner: Chelsea's Kitchen
5040 N. 40th St., Phoenix, 602-957-2555

The Set-Up: A cylindrical stack of fresh tuna, guacamole, shaved radishes, and a soy-lemon vinaigrette accompanied by a generous portion of tortilla chips.
Pros: The tuna was incredibly fresh as were the awesome chips. The chips were thin and crisp, and we really enjoyed being able to control the amount we wanted on each bite.
Cons: Although this appetizer was portioned more for sharing, it was mostly a guac dish with a taste of tuna.
Suggestion: A little more radish, please? They're fun when you get one!

The Verdict: The Greene House -- they just had so many more flavors that made this tartare capture our tastebuds. And with a plethora of great stores to shop at nearby, the drive is well worth it.

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