Goodbye, Cocoa Puffs, Hello Yogurt Parfait at The Farm, in "Just Desserts"

In the end, we get what's coming to us. Let's hope it's sweet.

Ah, spring mornings. Who doesn't love to wake to the sounds of birds singing, see the sun peeping through the bedroom window (Hello, Mr. Sun!), skip breakfast to take a leisurely walk under bright, blue skies. What? Skip breakfast? No way. Not when there's a yogurt parfait just waiting to be plucked from its icy bed of slumber at The Farm at South Mountain.

What's so great about a yogurt parfait? Put down your Cocoa Puffs, you're going to food school this morning.

A parfait is normally made in a tall clear glass making all layers visible. This is a good thing, 'cause one look at this breakfast baby and you know you're in for a treat. Strawberries, granola, raisins, nuts -- hey, are those cranberries? What are you waiting for? That spoon ain't gonna feed you itself. Dig in.

Good, isn't it? The freshness of the fruit, the sweetness of the yogurt, and the crunchiness of the granola makes for a triage of taste and texture. There's even a bit of honey in the mix to sweeten the deal. The size ensures you won't be hungry again until lunch, and the price (about $4) means it's great for a Saturday pre-farmers market meal with friends or a surprise-yourself-tomorrow-morning-'cause-you-deserve-it-and-work's-gonna-suck.

Now take those bunny slippers off before the neighbors see you.