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OpenTable and Nara Help You Find Romantic Restaurants in Arizona

You've still got time to lock in a Valentine's Day reservation if you haven't already. In order to quell the wrath of your significant other, try taking OpenTable or Nara's suggestions on where to dine to inspire that loving feeling. OpenTable recently released its top 100 romantic restaurants, four of which are in the state. Nara, the Pandora of restaurant recommendation, can also now match you with your ideal dining spot for your big date night through its newly added romance filter.

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If you're taking OpenTable's word for it, Sassi, A Different Pointe of View, Quiessence, and the L'Auberge restaurant at Oak Creek in Sedona are all excellent spots to wow your love on Valentine's Day. While the views and ambiance at the four restaurants are spectacular, we think there are plenty of other Valley restaurants that would dazzle your partner's taste buds a little more. We suggest FnB, Virtu Honest Craft, or House of Tricks, assuming those spots aren't already booked solid.

If you don't believe us or OpenTable, just download the Nara app to your phone and start going through the list of restaurants, giving each a thumbs up or down. From there, Nara will use its algorithms to pick out local spots you'd likely fall in love with. Once you've rated all your favorite and least favorite restaurants, the newly added romance filter can help you search your recommendations for the best option for your Valentine's dinner. The rest is up to you though so make sure you get that reservation before the drive-thru is your only option.

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